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The Scientific Master Key to
Natural Harmony in Health:
Medical Resonance Therapy Music®

After having been approved by the government, a completely new medical preparation has swept through the doors of 22,000 German pharmacies. Over the past 14 years, 59 of these medical preparations have been developed by the classical composer and musicologist Peter Huebner in his Micro Music Laboratories®.

Their fields of application range from:

With these new kinds of medical products, Micro Music Laboratories®, in co-operation with medical researchers from all over the world, have not only established a new branch of medicine, but have also created a completely new type of pharmaceutics– Digital Pharmaceutics®. Digital Pharmaceutics® finds its expression in the name “Digipharm®”, and it is under this name that the new digital pharmaceutical products are distributed.

“It is not the music that achieves the medical result – it is the inaudible harmonic information within what we can call music which by its resonance helps the listeners biological system”, the creator of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® (MRT-Music) explains.

About 100 scientific medical studies and clinical observations have documented in many parts of the world, how effective nature’s harmony laws, inherent in the microcosm of music, are.
“The idea is not new” says musicologist Peter Huebner, “2,500 years ago the famous physician, musician, mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, the founder of our scientific age, developed the idea to utilize the harmony laws of nature for the benefit of our health and healing.”

“If it is possible to recognise the harmony laws of our life with the help of an insight into the microcosm of music, and if, in addition to this, we are able to apply these natural laws of harmony to our thoughts by way of an external musical order, and still further to our biological system, allow them to take effect there, and to stabilize and activate those natural laws of harmony already in place but weak in function – this would represent an enormous gain to the health of mankind” , Pythagoras concluded.

The fast and efficient developments in digital technology, as well as 35 years of musicological research into the microcosm of music, have made this new medical and pharmaceutical evolution possible. The ancient ideas of Pythagoras also have their scientific followers in our modern times – especially in the field of chronomedicine, where one of the fathers in this medical field, Prof. Hildebrandt, even called the human organism a “music physiology”.

“The greatest effectiveness of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® lies in the field of stress release” according to Prof. Paul Rosch, president of the American Institute of Stress. “At the last international conference of the World Health Organisation on Society, Stress and Health in Moscow, digital preparations of MRT-Music were considered to be the most effective medication of our time against stress – 4 to 8 times as effective as conventional pharmaceutical drugs.”

But what also makes Digital Pharmaceutics® so successful is the fact, that it constitutes a revolution in financial terms. Only one music preparation, at a cost of 60$, may be used for a lifetime, although there are complete medical programmes of up to 12 and even 15 CDs which have been scientifically tested in the different fields of medicine to bring about the best results.

The greatest practical breakthrough of this new kind of digital medicine was through its use in connection with the nuclear catastrophe in Chernobyl. As most of the conventional pharma-ceutical products had been proven to be inefficient in this area, medical scientists in the Ucraine and Belorussia turned to Medical Resonance Therapy Music®. In both countries special medical research groups were formed to test the effectiveness of natures harmony laws, inherent in the microcosm of music, on the people suffering from the after-effects of this nuclear catastrophe.

Medical research was undertaken in the fields of gynaecology, obstetrics, neonatology, endocrinology, immunology, neurology, paediatrics, cardiology, nephrology, dermatology, otholaryngology, somnology, anaesthesiology and psychology. Within a few years of profound research the results were overwhelming.

The latest findings in the fields of cardiovascular, endocrine, metabolic and immune problems, as well as problems of the nervous system concerning high-risk pregnancy, high blood pressure, neurodermatitis / psoriasis, epilepsy and headache have just been published in the medical journal “Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science” by the Pavlov Society in America, after being presented at the organisations international annual conference in New York.

In Belorussia, the Institute of Mother and Child of the Ministry of Health has made Medical Resonance Therapy Music® a compulsory treatment for all its patients during high-risk pregnancies, and have thus been able to reduce premature birth rates among the women concerned by more than half, compared to the average rate where no MRT-Music treatment was given.

At the 11th International Stress Conference in Hawaii, medical experts from the USA took the initiative by introducing the achievements of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® in the US to help solve medical problems scientifically through the harmony laws of nature.
Thus, information concerning this new branch of medicine and new digital pharmaceutical technology and products are now being dynamically spread throughout the medical world of the United States.

“It has to reach the different countries through their medical experts”, suggested the head of the Micro Music Laboratories® in Hawaii.
Professor Paul Rosch, president of the American Institute of Stress, having studied the achievements of Medical Resonance Therapy Music
® within the past 5 years at his International Stress Conferences and other international conferences, as well as the world stress conference of the World Health Organization (WHO), would like Digital Pharmaceutics® to create beneficial effects throughout health care in the USA.

Professor Ray Rosenman, famous for his pioneering work in documenting the medical results of stress on heart disease, has had his own experiences with Digital Pharmaceutics® preparations. He writes to Peter Huebner, classical composer and the founder and director of the Micro Music Laboratories®:

"You will recall that, after the Hawaiian meeting last November (11th International Congress of Stress of the American Institute of Stress), you were kind enough to send me a large supply of music CDs and a superb set of earphones, in order to try your methodology for my rather severe osteoarthritis of the cervical vertebral area and also of involving the lumbar area. I am a clinical cardiologist (Associate Chief, Department of Medicine, Mount Zion Hospital and Medical Center of UCSF, San Francisco), but also a researcher who was Director of Cardiovascular Research at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA. SRI is the former Stanford Research Institute. With this background, as well as having a hobby of classical music, I would admit to having considerable doubts about the claims of benefit from the Medical Resonance Therapy Music system.

I therefore tried the system for an initial period of about 6 weeks, then stopped for two weeks, and then repeated it. Although I don’t expect that it would “cure” osteoarthritis, I can certainly attest to the unexpected, significant symptomatic benefit that the system provides. The results have converted me from a doubter to a strong believer and a strong supporter of your recommendations. I continue to use the system daily, albeit at reduced audition lengths, but with sustained marked decrease of overall pain and with persistent further symptomatic benefit for hours after audition times.

I am grateful for your help and pleased to attest to the above in any way that would be of help to your efforts.
Yours sincerely,

Ray Rosenman, M.D"