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The Ear as a Medical Instrument                                                                                Page 1 2 3 4

‘Healing via the senses’ is the predominant theme of the day. Therefore, in the first part of my talk, I would like to try to give you an understanding of the potential of our sensory organ, the ear, as a major medical influence. In the second part, I will then concentrate on the special theme of the first half of the morning: the application of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® in scientific medicine.

First, we will take the extent of the ear’s medical influence, for which I would like to cite a practical example which occurs daily. A doctor is called to an emergency in a discotheque, and diagnoses an acute circulatory disorder: disturbances of the blood supply in toes and fingers, pale skin, high blood pressure and disturbances of the cardiac rhythm – the cause: overloading the brain with too loud and unnaturally structured music. The brain has not been able to withstand the massive assault of chaotic bioelectromagnetic signals from the ear, its own functions are impaired and, as a result, it is unable to maintain regulation of the organism: the disco-goer becomes an emergency medical case.
The example clearly shows: via the ear and its neural connections to the brain, music has an immediate physiological effect on our entire organism. The ear and the music can be abused from a health point of view – as in the case above – or, however, exploited for reinforcing the health, as in the case of Medical Resonance Therapy Music®.


Our ear assumes a special status in our organism in numerous respects. Of all the organs in our body, it is the first to develop to its full size: still within the mother’s womb, our inner ear has reached its full size by the time it is four months old and, by this time, it has already begun to function, becoming for the foetus the first bridge for experiences from the outside world.
The ear converts incoming sound waves into bioelectromagnetic signals, which it transmits to the cerebral cortex.

“The auditory nerve is
the first nerve to become
fully operational and,
within the nervous
system, is also the nerve
which generally
maintains its function
    to the last.”

Thus, whilst still in the womb, the ear already supplies the brain with bioelectromagnetic energy and orders of impulse series, and today some researchers say that this has a definitive role in determining the further maturation of the brain.

“The ear –
energy center
for our brain”

The auditory nerve is the first nerve to become fully operational and, within the nervous system, is also the nerve which generally maintains its function to the last.


When all other brain functions have ceased to react to external stimulation and no longer show any recognisable signs of life, this nerve can still be functioning and indicate to the doctor that the person is still alive. The audiologist Professor Tomatis from Paris has shown very well that the ear is a kind of energy centre for our brain. As such, our hearing has the task of supplying our cerebral cortex with energy – similar to the way in which a dynamo charges up a car’s battery. In order to live, our brain needs sugar and oxygen, but with that alone it is still far from being able to think. For this function, it needs a different kind of sustenance: invigorating stimuli, which reach it from all of the sensory organs as the conduction of electrical potentials. The most important sensory organ for this is our ear, which is involved in the supply of around 90% of the energy for our cerebral cortex!

Now the bioelectromagnetic impulses which emanate from the sensory organs and arrive at the cerebral cortex are of absolutely decisive significance for cross-linking the brain cells into circuits. If, during certain periods of growth, these impulses fail or if they are reduced in quality, certain cross-linking will either be restricted or will not take place at all.

By way of acknowledging the significance of the brain for our health, I would like to quote Hippocrates, who said: ‘Let it be known, your illnesses and your health, your sadness and your joys – all of them come from your brain.’

Germany’s leading exponent of psychosomatic medicine – Viktor von Weizäcker – established four decades ago: ‘A human being responds to an experience with which he is unable to cope, with illness. Body and soul can represent one another. The body speaks, when the soul is no longer able to do so.’ This also explains why a happy person becomes ill less often and recuperates more quickly than the misanthrope does.

‘It is unbelievable,
how much energy
the soul is able
to bestow upon the body’

                                       Wilhelm von Humboldt

Thus, via the senses, we have direct access to the central nervous system. The bioelectromagnetic impulses have an effect on the central nervous system, for one via their energy levels and for another via their structure. Research must have regard to both aspects.

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