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On the basis of the objective scientific research and the clinical observations this programme was designed for people suffering from tension back pain and all kinds of orthopaedic problems related to stress

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And with this we now come to Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, which is structured entirely according to these laws of harmony of the microcosm of music. According to Pythagoras, in being structured in this way, it possesses the same harmonical order as the healthy body and can, therefore, help to reestablish new order in processes within the listener which have fallen into disarray and, in doing so, strengthen the natural health. In the opinion of ancient doctors, our organism reacts to music like a resonance or sounding body and, by means of the correctly structured music, its processes can be brought back into their natural order – that is to say, harmonised.


The scientific studies and clinical observations now available to us, document that Medical Resonance Therapy Music® also particularly strengthens our natural regulatory and recovery processes. This is particularly noticeable in the relief of the physical, mental and spiritual effects of stress. Today, in the area of stress relief, the medical music preparations from the Micro Music Laboratories® are even the most effective preparations known: 4 to 8 times as effective as any medication, as was pointed out at the 1995 World Health Organisation Stress Conference.

Today, with the help of these music preparations, medical science is able to treat that cause of illness – stress – in a simple and, above all, cost-effective way. When one thinks that stress plays a great, if not the decisive role in all psychologically influenced illnesses, then this age-old modern music medicine is assured of a successful future.

With headaches and sleeping disorders, for example, which can very often be traced back to stress, studies using these stress-relieving music preparations have shown an average success rate of 70-80%.
Many gynaecological problems, various heart and circulatory disorders, metabolic disorders and skin problems could be improved, or indeed completely eliminated, with the help of the music. At objective parameters of surgical medicine, there was a clear reduction in the stress hormones (beta-endorphin, ACTH, cortisol), which was similarly observed in obstetrics. Positive observations in cases of threatened miscarriage with harmonisation of the hormone levels are promising signs, as are the improvement in the powers of concentration and short-term memory in cases of atherosclerotic encephalopathy. The reduction in the duration of in-patient treatment is a positive side-effect.


The healing effects on the contaminated child and adult victims of the Chernobyl disaster (25% after 2 weeks’ therapy with normal immunogram – humoral and cellular) released an international wave of solidarity. It would go outside the bounds of my talk, should I wish to name all the establishments which have been involved scientifically with the healing effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music®.
They reach from Moscow, Minsk and Kiev, over Heidelberg, Berlin, Potsdam, Hoyerswerda and Leutenberg to Magdeburg, where we have been studying the effects of this music on premature babies and neonates, as well as older children with heart diseases.

   “In the opinion
     of ancient doctors,
     our organism reacts
     to music like
     a resonance or
     sounding body and,
     by means of the
     correctly structured
     music, its processes
     can be brought back
     into their natural order –
     that is to say,

In my opinion, Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is of particular significance for paediatric medicine, because, within the framework of their process of growth and the establishment of neuronal circuits, developing children require harmonical support to a far greater extent than adults do.

The first target group were premature babies. These exhibit minimal watchfulness, attentiveness, and readiness to react. Compared to full-term babies, they possess only a limited repertoire of behaviour, are easily irritated, their reactions are, in part, disturbed and unpredictable. Their daily rhythm is also irregular. On the ward, the relationship between premature babies and their parents is like a vicious circle, as the mothers try to compensate for their children’s lack of responsiveness and attention with excessive stimulation, whilst the premature babies, on the other hand, withdraw as a form of self-protection. Therefore, our code of practice here reads: Support of the premature baby’s own possibilities, instead of assault with intensive medical intervention.

The application of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® produced similar results to those familiar to us from the kangaroo method. Breathing became calmer and more regular, and respiratory pauses less frequent. Restless premature babies reacted immediately and fell asleep more quickly; the waking periods were shorter. Particularly after stress situations (injections, intubation, etc.) the children calmed down more quickly when under the influence of the music than they would otherwise have done. Our studies are not yet complete. Computer- assisted evaluations of our monitoring parameters in the routine operation of the intensive care ward are still underway. Parallel to this, we are also carrying out polysomnographic tests in order to obtain an objective assessment of the effects of music therapy, which have so far been subjective.

Similarly positive, particularly calming effects were observed in children suffering from heart disorders, in cases of neurovegatative disorders (particularly in sympathicotonic cases), in motor-hyperactive children, and particularly in children who were hard to discipline, and those whose behaviour and development was disturbed.

Ladies and gentlemen, the studies and observations presented, variously suggest that the effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® do occur objectively – for they occur independent of whether the listeners find the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® pleasant, whether they are indifferent to it, or whether, in terms of taste, they are not really keen on it at all. And anyway, children are incorruptible.
The fundamental significance of the natural order for ones health can be summed up in the following example:

If you deny a person food, this soon gives rise to many symptoms: his circulation will weaken, his sleep will be disturbed, he will be susceptible to giddiness, etc. All of these symptoms can be healed by one simple course of therapy: by providing sufficient food. Just as much as it requires food, our organism needs natural order, and it therefore possesses highly complex systems, in order to be able to restore natural order as soon as possible following any disruption.

In the opinion of ancient doctors, our organism reacts to music like a resonance or sounding body and, by means of the correctly structured music, its processes can be brought back into their natural order – that is to say, harmonised.
When the natural order of the organism is disturbed, this is comparable to the denial of food. The disruption of the order will soon give rise to a multitude of different symptoms of illness. If one succeeds in strengthening the natural order again, this alone will banish the diverse symptoms of illness which the disorder had brought about.

Just like modern physicians, ancient scholars pointed out the great importance of natural order for a life in good health and promoted the application of harmonically structured music as a kind of essential supply of natural order and harmony for the people. Via the ear, music has direct access to the brain, and if one looks at the results of studies carried out with Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, it certainly looks as if vital functions which have been drawn into chaos can be brought back into order with the help of harmonical music. This could explain the diversity of the effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music®.

In his book ‘‘The Back of the Mirror. An Attempt at a Natural History of Human Cognition“ the Nobel prize-winner, Konrad Lorenz, sensing increasing human aggression, wrote thus:
‘The progressive decline of our culture is so obviously of a pathological nature, so obviously possesses the features of a sickness of the human mind, that there is a categorical necessity for a medical science aspect in the examination of culture and of the mind’.


Does this not come very close to the answer which Vladimir Ashkenazy – one of the most important pianists of our time, leading conductor of the German Symphony Orchestra in Berlin and musical director of the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – once formulated and which I think provides very apt words to close with:

‘Music plays a very important role in our life – whether we are aware of it or not. And different kinds and structures of music can have an extremely negative or uplifting effect – not only on the individual’s psyche, but also on the entire spectrum of a society’s psy­cho­logi­cal and emo­tional cli­mate.


Vladimir Ashkenazy
I hope that everyone who wishes to contribute to a state of natural harmony – individual and social –, will give serious thought to Peter Huebner’s scientific work and becomes aware of its immense importance.’






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