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Under the auspices of the classical composer, musicologist and founder of Micro Music Laboratories, Peter Huebner, distma® offers a new kind of pharmaceutical technology, which is about to complement an expand the range of products in chemical pharmacy - but also to replace some of its products: the “application of the harmony of laws of the microcosm of music in the field of pharmacy.”

As you can see from our website, international medical experts have reacted very positively to Digital Pharmaceutics.

If one or the other government or one or the other enterprise is interested in co-operating with us in one way or the other, and/or an exchange of information and ideas than they should please turn to info@distma.com .

As you can see from the company name, distma® offers special stress-management-programmes for the performance-related improvement of employees in industry – they basically serve the purpose of a natural increase of inner harmony: mentally, emotionally and physically.

These new types of digital pharmaceutical programmes for the natural development of individual and social harmony, as well as dispersing stress, are easy and pleasant to use and have proven themselves a millionfold in practice; they are based on the scientific utilisation and application of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music.

The harmonical preparations of the so-called Medical Resonance Therapy Music of the classical composer and musicologist Peter Huebner from the Micro Music Laboratories present the practical key.

The harmonising effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music, and/or the harmonic information contained therein have been verified in a scientific and objective manner throughout many parts of the world in various medical fields at universities and research institutions during the past 12 years.
distma®’s programmes, based on these studies, are emphatically recommended by leading international stress experts such as e.g. Prof. Dr. Paul Rosch, the president of the American Institute of Stress (the leading scientific stress institution world-wide), and by Prof. Dr. Ray Rosenmann, the director of many years of the Stanford Research Institute for Cardiovascular Research.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) also paid a great deal of attention to these programmes: At their international conference “Stress, Health and Society” they acknowledged the achievements of this  new digital  pharmaceutics  in the field of stress
  reduction  as 4-8  times  as effective as conventional

chemical-pharmaceutical remedies for coping with stress, and particularly emphasised its unparalleled cost efficiency. The harmonic preparations of Medical Resonance Therapy Music from the Micro Music Laboratories were recognised by international experts as the by far most effective anti-stress remedy in the world.

Who, therefore, is interested in increasing the mental, emotional and physical performance and thus the entire efficiency of the members of staff of the government lead by him or of the enterprise directed by him in a natural and at the same time scientifically proven way, whilst at the same time authentically getting to know a completely new kind of medicine, then we are convinced that we at distma® are offering him the best opportunities in this respect existing in the world so far.

The good objective scientific study results mentioned – especially in the field of scientific stress-management – have now enabled distma® to offer the course in a success related manner: payment is made only if successful: no cure - no fee. The desired success shall be defined together with the respective government or enterprise.

One of the main factors for an impaired mental, emotional and physical capability and the resulting health disorders is, as is well known, stress: According to doctor`s estimates, stress produces 30% of all diseases in modern industrial nations, and drastically worsens 90%.

“In this way, the costs e.g., which arise alone for the American economy from stress, add up, according to expert estimates, to more than 300 thousand million dollars per year!” says Prof. Dr. Paul  Rosch,  president  of  the American
Institute of Stress, who, for this reason, demands the use of Medical Resonance Therapy Music, in order to reduce damage and costs.

The European Union has recognised the problem, too, and made the subject: “Stress at work” a centre of action for the year 2002.

One of the most frequent consequences on health caused by stress, and an absolute alarm signal, are sleep disturbances. Medical experts report that approx. 70-80% of citizens in industrial nations complain about sleep disturbances, and that approx. 70% of these sleep disturbances are caused by stress; at least 10% of citizens from industrial nations – according to medical estimates – suffer from sleep disturbances with an illness value(!): which, with statistic probability, also concerns at least 10% of the members of staff in governments and industry.

As stress is usually the main factor for sleep disturbances, a good proof of efficiency for an anti-stress-programme is in how far it is capable of working towards a naturally healthy and restful sleep. The anti-stress-programme for sleep disturbances of the Micro Music Laboratories, which distma® offers here, has, according to objective scientific study results, a success rate of approx. 70-90%.

From the point of view of human performance, sleep disturbances must be taken much more serious than is generally done, as, according to the findings made in the field of medical research into sleep, people suffering from sleep disturbances show, among other things, the following deficits:

-   impaired cognitive results: decrease in logic, decisiveness, initiative of one´s own and purposeful motivation
-   increased occurrences of tension between members of staff
-   increased occurrences of tension between employees and their superiors
-   slowing down of reaction time
-   impaired co-ordination of complex sequences of movement
-   decrease in work productivity
-   increased absenteeism, due to exhaustion and diseases
-   increased accident frequency of up to seven times (!!) (industrial and traffic accidents)

Looking at sleep disturbances from the point of views mentioned, they not only constitute a serious personal problem for the employees concerned and their families – they can also develop into an economic problem for the government and/or the enterprise, as the disturbed regeneration – resulting from stress related sleep disorders – furthers diseases and accidents, thus often leading to expensive absenteeism.

But, independent of absenteeism, these sleep disturbances persistently impair the so-called “soft” performance factors of a government and an enterprise:
The creativity of its employees, their friendliness, their ability to learn and co-operate, as well as to work under pressure, their willingness to achieve and general readiness to work.

Especially today – during this critical international economic situation for governments and large companies, too – this can have considerable consequences: because as the efficiency of technical equipment and the work processes become increasingly alike throughout the world, these “soft” performance factors are meanwhile quite often decisive in competition – particularly for large-scale enterprises.

With the forward-looking digital pharmaceutical programme of Micro Music Laboratories for dispersing stress-related sleep disturbances with the help of the harmony laws of nature, governments and especially industrial enterprises can test the efficiency of our Digital Stress Management Programmes: To be strictly correct, it is better if government and industry thus expect their members of staff to suffer from sleep disturbances!

With the help of the new type of digital pharmaceutical programme of the Micro Music Laboratories for dispersing stress-related sleep disturbances, they can successfully confront this problem and its consequences: for the personal benefit of their employees, and, at the same time, for the benefit of their entire government, respectively their company, and – for the benefit of their citizens, respectively their customers.

Of course, the same arrangement shall apply in this case: Payment only if successful: No cure - no fee.

Therefore – government and industry: Test the future partner!


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