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1   Republic of Belarus
2   Prof. Dr. med. Walentina Sidorenko
    The Effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music®
    on the Unborn Child
3   Prof. Dr. med. Horst Koeditz
    Digital Pharmaceutics Successful in the
    Special Care Baby Unit
4   Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Reznikov
    Harmonic Therapy of Digital Pharmaceutics
5   Prof. Dr. med. Gerassimowitsch
    The Benefits of Harmonic Information
6   Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Boris Luban-Plozza
    The Social-Medical Significance of
    Medical Resonance Therapy Music®
7   Prof. Dr. med. Gennadij M. Butenko
    Harmonic Information as a Modern Medication
8   Prof. Dr. med. Walentina Sidorenko
    Harmonic Information as a Medication
  in the Intensive Care Unit
9   Headaches and Migraine: Harmonic Help
10   Pharmacist Dr. Riccardo Legnani
    How Does the Medical Resonance Therapy Music®
11   The Nuclear Disaster at Chernobyl
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