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No innovation has gained such a fast foothold and recognition among medical experts as the utilisation of the natural laws of harmony.

When one considers that the term Medical Resonance Therapy Music was only coined 10 years ago, and then looks at the present level of documen-tation on research and developments in this new branch of medi-cine, and the statements of leading medical experts from many fields, then it is also worth-while examining the causes for such enor-mous medical success more closely.

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On the basis of the objective scientific research and the clinical observations this programme was designed for women in pregnancy and labour
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Ministry of Health

Recognition and registration of
Medical Resonance Therapy Music
by the classical composer Peter Huebner
as scientific Music Therapy for the
Health Service of the Republic of Belarus


In his Micro Music Laboratories the classical composer Peter Huebner, along with scientists and engineers, has created a concept of systematic application of music structures in medicine. In the course of this, new sound-creation technologies, new recording and reproduction techniques and also new computer-controlled analysis and synthesis processes have been developed, which place the application of music in the field of medicine on a firm scientific footing.

This new significance of music has been researched and evaluated by leading scientists from many countries in various medical fields:

• chronobiology
• mental health
• internal diseases
• perinatal medicine
• paediatrics
• physiotherapy
• obstetrics
• gynaecology

The scientific studies prove that Medical Resonance Therapy Music has a beneficial effect on the synchronisation of the brain and the change in biochemical, hormonal and immunological levels. Here the invention of Dynamic Space Stereophony also plays a particular role in the area of health education.

Areas of application:
for patients with

• psychosomatic disorders
• neurological disorders
• gynaecological disorders
• paediatric disorders
• orthopaedic-traumatological disorders
• other disorders

• in the medical and social rehabilitation
• of the sick and disabled
• for the healthy, to manage and to prevent stress

Possible side-effects: not determined

The Micro Music Laboratories’ research and developments are based on an entirely new understanding of music for medical therapy. This modern concept of music therapy has been jointly developed within the framework of the international research project by leading medical experts and the classical composer Peter Huebner.

Medical Resonance Therapy Music is successfully applied as scientific medical music therapy within the framework of the psychosomatic treatment of patients in the clinics.

W. M. Orachowskij,   
Minister’s First Representative




With kind permission of AAR EDITION