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 Basis Programme
Sleep Disorders
On the basis of the objective scientific research and the clinical observations this programme was designed for people suffering from neurodermatitis • psoriasis vitiligo and all kinds of dermatological problems related to stress

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        Pharmacist Dr. Riccardo Legnani

How does the Medical Resonance
Therapy Music
® function?


It is based on the principle of resonance, which means: the precise harmony contained in this particular musical structure resonates inside the organism, from the ears to the brain and from the brain to the various organs.
The harmony inside the music stimulates the re-setting of the biological order and it harmonizes and regenerates the whole body, bringing it gradually towards regeneration.
In this way it also becomes an important tool for prevention.


Dr. Riccardo Legnani
Pharmacist in Milano, Italy

How is the Medical Resonance
Therapy Music
® used?

For every different disease there is a listening plan structured after many years of scientific medical research which have demonstrated the positive effects of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music.
Every CD inside the cover describes the various listening plans which may be chosen according to the needs.

In order to obtain the beneficial effects it is advisable to listen to it every day, quietly. Even fifteen or twenty minutes at least are enough, preferably in the early morning after rising, after returning home from work, in the evening before falling asleep.
It is also possible to listen to the music during the night, at a very low volume.

Dr. Riccardo Legnani