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Medicine Forum
Deutsches Medizinforum
Medical Music Professionals
World Music Medicine Council
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World Healthcare Center
Medical Music
Medizinische Musikpräparate
Music Medicine Preparations
Medical Music Preparations
Musik Medizin Präparate
Music Medicine Preparations
Sleep Disorders
Medical Music Preparations
Vital Energy
Medical Music Preparations
Music Medicine Preparations
Medical World Foundation
Mythology World Foundation
  Konferenz der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Narkolepsie, Wuppertal
M E D I C A L   R E S O N A N C E  T H E R A P Y   M U S I C®    a product of the Micro Music Laboratories® leading medicine into the future

application of the natural harmony laws of the microcosm of music in favour of health


With kind permission of AAR EDITION



Universities, Research Institutions,
Hospitals Congresses, Symposiums, Fairs
Research into Medical Resonance Therapy Music® has so far been carried out or presented
to the professional public at the following universities, research institutions and hospitals,
and at the following congresses, symposiums and medical and educational trade fairs: