No innovation has gained such a fast foothold and recognition among medical experts as the utilisation of the natural laws of harmony.

When one considers that the term Medical Resonance Therapy Music was only coined 10 years ago, and then looks at the present level of documentation on research and developments in this new branch of medicine, and the statements of leading medical experts from many fields, then it is also worth-while examining the causes for such enormous medical success more closely.

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Reduce the unwanted side effects associated with conventional
medicinal treatment

The director of Micro Music Laboratories
® speaks on the situation in the
pharmaceutical industry – an interview from the magazine MUSIC + NATURE
with the musicologist, Peter Huebner
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Music + Nature: Mr. Huebner. You are a classical composer, but also produce music in your Micro Music Laboratories, which is described as a "preparation" and which is used for medical purposes. There is also an impressive number of scientific tests which prove that your medical music preparation is often more successful than pharmaceutical preparations. We believe that this could lead to an economic conflict with the pharmaceuticals industry; which would not exactly be welcome if it were to lead to new competition. We would like to ask you a few questions on this subject.

Question: How do you basically see pharmaceutics and its products?

Peter Huebner: For many years, pharmaceutics has been the institution shown to improve human health on the basis of objective scientific criteria, hence not ideology nor esotericism, and this it has done successfully.
In countries where pharmaceutical products and science-orientated medical technology are affordable, life expectancy is the highest, essentially higher than in those countries and cultural areas supported by other methods of healing which have evolved over time but which have never been scientifically tested. I`m thinking here for example of India and China. In Africa, South America and a large part of Asia, where modern medicine is not used, the situation is even worse.


Classical composer
Creator of the Medical
Resonance Therapy Music®
Founder of the
Micro Music Laboratories®
Founder of the
Digtal Pharmaceutics


Music + Nature: This sounds like a song of praise for pharmaceutics and chemicals and from this point of view, one could feel that pharmaceutical products should flood the world!

Peter Huebner: I wasn`t only talking about pharmaceutical products, but also about science – orientated medical technology and therefore about medical personnel who are trained in modern science and striving towards objective aid.
Without doubt, we would want these achievements of modern civilisation to benefit the world over; but the unfortunate fact is that most people living on our earth cannot or can hardly afford this type of expensive medicine.

Music + Nature: But what is the situation with the unwanted side effects which most – if not all – pharmaceutical products cause and which particularly for those people who have to take various medicines, sum up and create a new serious risk – which is suddenly difficult to treat or can no longer be treated with chemical preparations?

Peter Huebner: Years ago, I made the managers of large pharmaceutical companies aware – with the help of my publishing house – , that they should seriously think about using harmonic influences when creating their products, to prevent the unwanted side effects and in this respect, offered my advice, since I apply the harmonic laws of nature to my music.

But this offer was not accepted – which of course allowed more time for my own further work. This meant we were able to carry out intense work in the MicroMusicLaboratories and within only a few years, consistently produced an impressive number of medical music preparations which proved in many cases to outweigh the effects of pharmaceutical products and had no unwanted side effects at all. Even more so, they have a normalising effect – which means for example that people whose hormone balance is too high can reduce this balance with a "medical music preparation A", whilst those whose hormone balance is too low, can increase the balance with the same preparation.

Music + Nature: This is indeed extremely interesting and the effect of achieving two opposite effects with one product if necessary, is not recognised with pharmaceutical products.

Peter Huebner: This was in fact the main reason for my approaching the pharmaceuticals industry. It is not only a case of increasing or reducing hormone balances – but rather of normalising hormone balances.
With conventional chemical processes we have never been able to achieve any kind of focused normalisation or increase to an actual standard value, because a "normal" hormone balance cannot be quantified. For one person, one hormone balance is normal and for another, a different hormone balance is normal and both have various different hormone balances at various different times.

At best, a doctor can ascertain that a hormone level is out of its own particular normal range, if from his point of view, it is dangerously low for one patient or dangerously high for another. But he will never be able to state the correct and ideal hormone level for an individual patient at any one point in time.
For a doctor, an external effect on the hormone level only makes sense if from his point of view, the deviation from normal is so great that he sees high risk to the patient. He then prescribes the appropriate pharmaceutical preparation and states the recommended quantities and times.

In truth, the role of the doctor is to provide continuous or at least long-term help for his patients in achieving a hormone balance which is normal for themselves and which of course changes according to their internal and external living situations.
He can only do this however if the harmonic view point is taken into consideration. He must therefore have a medicine or preparation, which is structured harmonically and therefore, matched to the patient`s natural changing internal and external living conditions.

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