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Prof. Dr. med.
Ray H. Rosenman



Prof. Dr. med.
Ray H. Rosenman

In a letter to Peter Huebner he writes:


"You will recall that, after the Hawaiian meeting last November, you were kind enough to send me a large supply of music CDs and a superb set of earphones, in order to try your methodology for my rather severe osteoarthritis of the cervical vertebral area and also involving the lumbar area.
I am a clinical cardiologist (Assoc. Chief., Dept. of Medicine, Mount
Zion Hospital and Medical Center of UCSF, San Francisco, but also a
researcher who was Director of Cardiovascular Research at SRI Intl. in Menlo Park, CA. SRI is the former Stanford Research Institute.

With this background, as well as having a hobby of classical music,
I would admit to having considerable doubts about the claims of benefit from Dr. Huebner's system.
I therefore tried the system for an initial period of about 6 weeks, then
stopped for two weeks, and then repeated it. Although I don't expect that it would "cure" osteoarthritis, I can certainly attest to the unexpected, significant symptomatic benefit that the system provides.

The results have converted me from a doubter to a believer and a strong supporter of your recommendations.
I continue to use the system daily, albeit at reduced audition lengths, but with sustained marked decrease of overall pain and with persistent further symptomatic benefit for hours after audition times.
I am grateful for your help and pleased to attest to the above in any way that would be of help to your efforts."

Yours sincerely,
Ray H. Rosenman, M.D.



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