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Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c.
Boris Luban-Plozza

Professor by title
University Heidelberg
Honorary President
European Union
for Social Medicine

His refreshing commitment to mankind has brought Prof. Luban-Plozza the International Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanities, awarded to him in the USA 'for humanitarian contributions and pioneering achievements in the field of medical and musical therapy'.

Today, Prof. Dr. Luban-Plozza is head of the Internationale Balint-Dokumentationszentrum founded by him at Monte Veritá in Ascona in southern Switzerland.

He is author and co-author of various scientific works.




Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c.
Boris Luban-Plozza
Professor by Title of the University of Heidelberg, Honorary President of the European Union for Social Medicine

The Social-Medical Significance of Medical ResonanceTherapy Music

"Music must come into harmony with the natural rhythms of our pulsating individual, social and ecological life. The harmony of our human biological system that corresponds to the harmony laws of the microcosm of music has been examined by the world renowned medical scientist Prof. Dr. Gunther Hildebrandt, a founder of chronomedicine and for many years director of the 'Institut für Arbeitsphysiologie und Rehabilitations-forschung' at the University of Marburg. On the basis of his findings he even called the human body a 'music physiology'.
Today, such medical investigations encourage Peter Huebner to compose an ever more effective and artistic music for his Medical Resonance Therapy Music. And among the known composers he is the one who produces musical creations that totally integrate the harmony laws of the microcosm of music tonally as well as rhythmically. In doing so, he goes against the usual musical trend of our time.
Noise-bothered as we are, the Medical Resonance Therapy Music makes it possible for us to again meet the silence of our mind, of our heart and our free will and to experience the harmonious, dynamic unfoldment of our inner human forces anew - in a kind of laboratory of our free will and heart, just as if the dynamic silence of evolution of our inner human forces were the result of a scientific experiment that happens while listening to this extremely natural music in a certain place and under certain circumstances.
This effect of this music comes close to the original meaning of music again: there is man with his alertness and with his inner living reality; he has the wish that his thoughts and feelings which were chaotized during the day may change into harmonious creative forces within his innermost center - just like a soothing echo.
With these creations of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music we can free ourselves from the destroying turmoil of everyday life and its rhythmically fixed music that encircles us so penetratingly from all sides. In the silence that is created by this health-orientated music we realize again that we live and we notice that our silence fills out the fullness of the newly created 'musical sound-space', as Peter Huebner calls it: that musical world deep within our thinking, where we can find to ourselves again."

Professor Dr. med.
Dr. h.c. Boris Luban-Plozza


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