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Prof. Dr. med. D. Heuser

Prof. Dr. med.
Dieter Heuser

Statement on the effect of music by
Peter Huebner as an adjuvant therapy
for regional anaesthesia

We herewith confirm that for approx. 3 years we have been using the music developed by Peter Huebner as an adjuvant therapy in operative medicine, particularly when carrying out regional anaesthesia in casualty and vascular surgery.

According to the results of the scientific investigations available, we can confirm that this kind of music has a positive effect on the perioperative situation. The patients are calmer, more relaxed, need less sedative medicine, and are ultimately very satisfied with this kind of care.
We therefore consider the use of music, whose concept was developed by
Mr Huebner, to be a valuable addition to adjuvant therapy in carrying out regional anaesthesia.

Prof. Dr. med. D. Heuser
Head of the clinic for anaestheology
and operative intensive medicine


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