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Prof. R. Feuerstein

world-renowned psychologist, regar-ded by many as the "Sigmund Freud of today,"
on whose work more than 80 books have been published, has studied music in his youth among other subjects, and is now director of the Hadassa-Wizo-Canada Research Institute in Jerusalem.

Prof. Dr.
Reuven Feuerstein

"It was a great pleasure to meet you ... and to benefit from a presentation of your impressive theoretical as well as musical endeavour. Your interest in exploring the impact of music on a variety of human conditions is certainly of great interest to us since we are deeply involved in studying the effects of diverse intervention programs for a wide spectrum of children at developmental risk.

We will be very interested in exploring
the possibility of cooperating with you in
researching these effects by emphasizing
a process-oriented methodology by the help of which we will attempt to understand the way by which particular music affects a given state or inherited or acquired condition of the individual.

... as I pointed out in our discussion, we think of a very advanced methodology which is today becoming more and more accessible in studying the CNS, its functioning, its specific reactivity to certain stimuli..."

Reuven Feuerstein


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