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Dr. med.
Rainer Matejka
President of the
German Naturopathy
Association Senior Consultant
at the Diagnosis and
Treatment Centre
for Naturopathy
in Kassel, Germany



Dr. med.
Rainer Matejka

Being a natural internal order therapy, the Medical Resonance Therapy Music by the composer Peter Huebner is a classical natural therapy, and the positive effects this music has on health have been demonstrated in many different ways.

In the past, the German Naturopathy Association has given practical support to scientific research carried out on the way in which this music benefits the health of the victims of Chernobyl , and we are particularly pleased that doctors in the contaminated areas of Belarus are achieving such positive results with Medical Resonance Therapy Music, that they are now able to offer greater hope to the children in their care.

Every child that is born is a precious gift of nature which we must protect with the utmost care. Therefore, we at the German Naturopathy Association will continue to give our full to support Peter Huebner in his campaign to help the children of Chernobyl , and invite everyone to join in helping him.

Dr. med. Rainer Matejka
President of the German
Naturopathy Association


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