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Prof. Dr. med. habil.

Konrad Taubert

studied medicine at the University of Halle and underwent a further four years' study to specialise as a physiotherapist - a course of study which did not exist in the Federal Republic, and which could be described as a scientifically-based training to become a naturopathic doctor.

During his years of study and practice in Halle, Dresden, Bad Kösen, Berlin and Mahlow, he familiarised himself with the naturopathic and modern aspects of his specialist area, became qualified in the areas of manual therapy, neural therapy, acupuncture and psychotherapy in particular and, in 1978, was appointed Senior Consultant at the hospital for Physiotherapy in Neubrandenburg.

Since receiving his postdoctoral lecturing qualification in 1991, he has been teaching at the Ernst-MoritzArnd-University in Greifswald as an outside lecturer in the specialist field of physiotherapy.
His numerous scientific publications and lectures, which mainly focus on therapy for headaches and cancer without drugs, and particularly on health education involving physiotherapeutic selftreatment measures, have brought him international renown.


Outside Lecturer
Prof. Dr. med. habil.

Konrad Taubert

"First of all the Medical Resonance Therapy Music provides a simple and effective possibility to relax the body. Normally the patient accepts it willingly:
on the one hand he experiences it as very pleasing and on the other hand no difficult and long learning is required - simply listening and enjoying the music produce the best results in this therapy. But over and above the very important aspect of the relaxation of the body the Medical Resonance Therapy Music has a great importance for our psyche too - especially through its natural harmoni-zation and enlivenment of our subjective inner lifeforces: of the forces of our feeling, of our understanding and of our intellect.

A relaxed, balanced and joyful inter-course with our inner forces - as it is demonstrated to and strengthened in the listener in the Medical Resonance Therapy Music - has a very positive effect on his health.

The purpose of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music is the not the fight of a disease but the strengthening of health. This is achieved by strengthening with the law of resonance those natural forces in man which sustain and promote his health. The idea of strengthening health by the means of a completely naturally structured music is very old and stems from the medicine of the high cultures of antiquity. In our time this "classical" way is gone anew by the composer Peter Huebner according to modern scientific criteria.
According to the testimonies of the wise men and women of antiquity the natural harmony laws of the microcosm of music - which mean those laws which rule the unfoldment of sounds and tones from inside - provide a true image of the allembracing harmony laws of nature. Put to application in a completely naturally structured music - thus their teaching - the natural harmony laws are able to again harmonize and enliven the disturbed lifefunctions of the listener. Therefore the medical doctors of antiquity used such medically effective music as one of the most successful means for the natural strengthening of health.

In his two books "Creating Music Naturally" and "Listening to Music Naturally" the composer Peter Huebner describes, how the human organism reacts to music as a resonant body and how his natural functions and rhythmical processes can be either harmonized or also be chaotized by music. The last case occurs especially when the music is not in accord with the naturegiven harmony laws of the microcosm of music - as we find this allover today. If the music however - like the Medical Resonance Therapy Music - is structured according to the natural harmony laws it stirs - by the help of the law of resonance - in the organism of the listener his health supporting forces and in this way strengthens and harmonizes his natural lifefunctions."

Dr. med. K. Taubert


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